• Fact checking the presidential candidates on climate science

    Fact checking the presidential candidates on climate science At the request of The Associated Press, eight climate and biological scientists graded for scientific accuracy what a dozen top candidates said in debates, interviews and tweets, using a 0 to 100 […]

  • Two Years with Autumn

    Two Years with Autumn

    We’re so lucky. Luke’s still not sure, but he couldn’t be more patient or a better role-model. More photos of Autumn All blog posts tagged ‘Autumn’

  • Thank god, religion is waning

    Poll Finds Americans, Especially Millennials, Moving Away From Religion : The Two-Way : NPR Religion is apparently weakening in America. A new report from the Pew Research Center shows that the percentage of Americans who say they believe in God, […]

  • AP Investigation Finds 1,000 Predator Police Officers — clean house! #policebrutalitymatters

    Protect and Serve? Investigation Finds 1,000 Predator Police Officers – The Takeaway From Ferguson, Missouri to Baltimore, Maryland, policing across the country has fallen under a microscope over the past year. But today the Associated Press releases part three of […]

  • Not ‘us’ vs cops, everyone vs police brutality #blacklivesmatter #blackwomenmatter #policebrutalitymatters

    Police have harassed, frightened, hassled, falsely arrested, beaten, and killed people of every description. We have turned law enforcement into an occupying army, not the beat cop or bobby walking the street. Most cops, like most people, are decent and […]

  • Police brutality matters

    Police brutality matters

    The cops have a tough job, both boring and dangerous. However, they have to police themselves, too. Too many cops overreact and escalate situations. Too many citizens have been injured or killed by the police. Clean house. Get rid of […]

  • The struggle within the Democratic Party in a nutshell …

    “If any of these Republicans is elected, we’re all f*cked. ” Robert Reich Last night with two friends over dinner: Fred: I trust Bernie. He hasn’t waivered on these issues in forty years. Hillary is all over the place. And […]