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Those who were out to destroy the government 50 years ago pale in comparison to those who are out to destroy the government today. The Radical Left was outside. The Radical Right is deep inside. Violence? Somehow it was avoided in Nevada, where the loonies claim to own public land. However, I’d like someone to compare the body count for the Weathermen vs the anti-abortion zealots. Meanwhile, no 60s radical has made it onto the Supreme Court, which every day serves the agenda of the Koch Brothers, ad nauseum.

Webber support from ex-radical slammed | Albuquerque Journal News

By James Monteleone / Journal Staff Writer
UPDATED: Wednesday, April 23, 2014 at 6:46 am

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Alan Webber is drawing criticism from Republicans after a news report that the Santa Fe entrepreneur’s campaign is backed by a former member of the Vietnam-era radical leftist group Weather Underground.

RUDD: Renounced Weather Underground role long ago

Mark Rudd, a longtime Albuquerque-area resident and retired instructor at Central New Mexico Community College, was a co-founder of the group, known for bombing dozens of government buildings and banks across the country during the late ’60s and early ’70s in protest of the Vietnam War. Rudd years ago renounced his involvement in the Weather Underground.

Rudd, in a telephone interview Tuesday, said he endorsed Webber in the New Mexico governor’s race after hearing the candidate speak during a fundraiser hosted by his wife, Marla Painter, at the couple’s South Valley home on April 12. The event raised about $1,100 for Webber’s campaign, currently against four Democratic opponents.

Webber, in a prepared statement this week on Rudd’s endorsement, said: “I just met Mark Rudd. Of course I denounce terrorism and understand Mark Rudd regrets his involvement with the radical anti-government group from the 1960s. For over three decades Mark Rudd has been a teacher at CNM, a community activist, and an advocate of nonviolence. If Gov. Martinez wants to discuss her supporters, she should start with the Koch brothers and Sarah Palin.”

Webber support from ex-radical slammed | Albuquerque Journal News

Kudos to Webber for that last remark.

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Apr 192014

My thanks to Chas CIfton (Southern Rockies Nature Blog) for emphasizing the Massacre at Ludlow. Although I think Labor earned some disrepute, there is no doubt that the Rich and Corporations have worked tirelessly for their own profit and gain to discredit Labor. Now, the massacres take place behind closed doors.

Ludlow Massacre – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Ludlow Massacre was a watershed moment in American labor relations. Historian Howard Zinn described the Ludlow Massacre as “the culminating act of perhaps the most violent struggle between corporate power and laboring men in American history”.[4] Congress responded to public outcry by directing the House Committee on Mines and Mining to investigate the incident.[5] Its report, published in 1915, was influential in promoting child labor laws and an eight-hour work day.

The Ludlow site, 12 miles (19 km) northwest of Trinidad, Colorado, is now a ghost town. The massacre site is owned by the UMWA, which erected a granite monument in memory of the miners and their families who died that day.[6] The Ludlow Tent Colony Site was designated a National Historic Landmark on January 16, 2009, and dedicated on June 28, 2009.[6] Modern archeological investigation largely supports the strikers’ reports of the event.[7]

Ludlow Massacre – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Apr 182014

Southern Rockies Nature Blog: Why I Would Not Man the Barricades for Cliven Bundy by Chas Clifton

In my opinion, here we have a patriarchal Mormon who thinks that God gave the land to him to abuse however he chooses. Range management? Heck no! Habitat protection? Heck no! Paying the Animal Unit Month fees? Heck no!

Southern Rockies Nature Blog: Why I Would Not Man the Barricades for Cliven Bundy

Has everyone forgotten that DUHbya created Free Speech Zones (cages miles from an activity)?

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Apr 142014

Dana Milbank: Republicans kiss votes from women goodbye – The Washington Post

It takes chutzpah to observe Equal Pay Day by sacking the low-wage employee you’ve been snogging.

The Democrats’ accusation of a GOP “war on women” sticks not because of what Democrats say but because of what Republicans do — and the big problems aren’t personal pratfalls but rather public policy. [Accusations of a war-on-women] gain traction because of proposals Republicans are advancing.

Dana Milbank: Republicans kiss votes from women goodbye – The Washington Post

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Apr 142014

Read it.

Everything You Need to Know About the Department of Justice Report on APD Violence: A Readers’ Guide | La Jicarita By DAVID CORREIA

According to the report, APD engages in unconstitutional policing. A majority of fatal shootings were unjustified. And it’s not just in the use of lethal force. The DOJ reviewed 200 reports of non-lethal force over a three-year period. … Among the 200 uses of non-lethal force, APD said less than 1% were unjustified. DOJ disagreed and concluded that more than one-third were unjustified. …

In one example, 47 officers responded to the scene of a man … who was drunk and disorderly and arguing with a friend. [He] held a small knife, but dropped the knife when ordered. He attempted to flee. …

a pattern that the DOJ concluded revealed “the chain of command’s disregard for detecting individual and aggregate patterns of unreasonable force by subordinates” (p. 25).

In other words APD leadership actively endorses these violent, unjustified and unconstitutional practices by refusing to investigate the use of force, and perhaps even more troubling, by rewarding this behavior as “exemplary.”

Everything You Need to Know About the Department of Justice Report on APD Violence: A Readers’ Guide | La Jicarita

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Apr 062014

[I stumbled across this from 3/25/07. It's still germane.]

You can tell it is fundraising time on PBS, if for no other reason than all the concert shows. These concerts frequently feature rockstars of the 50′s and 60′s. It is so depressing to me to see these old stars singing their old hits. More so, seeing the gray audience singing and swaying along. Yes, I’m every bit as gray and, no, I don’t expect this generation or our idols to go gently into that good night. By all means, fellow Boomers, let’s shake the world at least one last time before we go. Let’s make the 10′s as memorable as the 60′s (unlike the 70′s, 80′s and 90′s).

But my fellow silverbacks and graybeards aren’t rocking the world on these shows. They’re sitting in plush seats in concert halls that don’t look anything like a rock venue. If there is tie-dye in the crowd, it must be on their Depends, cuz these folks could be at the opera, but for the singing along. A Frisbee or a joint would draw such a frowning.

I understand, we’ve arrived and we’ve got the money to do what we want (except stay young forever). I also get the message from PBS that they want us to be comfortable and happy, to be at home at PBS, and to cough up for our front-row seats.

Still, I don’t understand the fundraising strategy of screwing up the expected programing to show nothing but music. Is the message: “here’s a treat for you because you won’t pay for our regular stuff?” If I won’t pay for Jim Lehrer, I surely won’t pay for the reunited surviving members of the Shondells. (Appearing next week at some Indian casino.)

Oh, but Jim Lehrer is secure and onscreen. Ironically, I can’t tell you which evening shows are replaced by these nostalgic moneymakers, now that they’ve stopped preempting the news shows on Friday nights. I can tell you that on Saturday, my favorite cooking shows get bumped (ah, finally, he gets to the point). Now, I appreciate that Julia Child is the godmother of all cooking (though I watched Graham What’s-his-name, the Galloping Gourmet, in my preteens). There is some brief delight in seeing the old black and white footage of Julia cracking wise while cracking two eggs at once (“don’t worry, any bits of shell will sink to the bottom”), cooking 10 second omelets on an electric stovetop (can you believe that!), her scarf hiding her Adam’s apple. But how many hours of that can one take? Moreover, how can anyone take more than a few minutes of “one skillet recipes” with that man and woman I can’t stand (“You’re so smart, it never occurred to me to add fresh garlic instead of garlic salt.”). Puhleese. How are those two moneymakers? Why do they replace America’s Test Kitchen or Everyday Foods?

While I’m on a rant ‘n’ roll, let me add my objection to all the commercials on non-commercial television. The previously understated corporate sponsorship is on it’s way to being an infomercial. Is that really what we want from public television?

I’d pay to have 28 minutes of my favorite shows instead of 24. I’d pay to see my shows when I expect them. I’d even pay to see a concert filmed in the late 60′s without comments. I’d pay to see The Great American Dream Machine again — that was Public Television.

Cue the MP3 of The Who’s “My Generation.” “I hope I die before I get old (talkin’ ’bout my generation).” mjh

PS- Some think there won’t be a PBS in another 40 years (or TV, we might hope), but it may hang on with inheritance from lonely Boomers. Imagine the fundraisers in 2050, the oldsters with their rorschach tattoos and horribly stretched piercings nodding to the venerable Eminem and SnoopDogg, Jr. “Next up, the surviving members of Gorrilaz and NiN sing a tribute to the late, great Beyoncé, ‘Dat Old Bitch Da Bomb!’ . That’s tonight’s bonus download with a donation of 500 Reagans. Peace out, Dawg!”

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Apr 042014

Capitalism will sell you a poison, sell you an antidote, sell you a funeral, and sell your survivors commemorative plates upon which they will find their poison. And the profiteer at the top will use the money to make sure no one changes the system.

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