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As Tip O’Neill never said, “All politics is loco.”

Good for Whom, Westside?

ABQjournal: Ice Shift

Doug Frank, owner of the Scorpions, stands at the proposed site of a $42 million multipurpose event center that could be the home of the professional hockey franchise. It’s part of an expansive, multiyear project that would include a shopping mall and a city hall. (Randy Siner/For the Journal)

Say goodbye to that view, hello asphalt. Westsiders whine about traffic as they choke themselves with more. mjh

the League of Pissed Off Voters

Verbal feud erupts on Smith Plaza By Rivkela Brodsky

The College Republicans set up on the north side of the plaza and chanted, “four more years” through a microphone, while the Progressive Student Alliance on the south side responded with, “four more months” through a bullhorn. A masked representative of the League of Pissed Off Voters held a piece of cardboard that read “Think” as he walked up and down the plaza.

Take Back the District and the House — Vote for Richard Romero

My name is Richard Romero, and I am running for Congress to be your Representative in Washington, DC. But in order to do that I need your help. I need your vote on Election Day. Visit my web site at for more information about my campaign, to sign up to volunteer, to donate, or even to view my latest television commercial.

This district is important if Democrats are to regain seat in the US House and it is also a critical district for John Kerry if he is going to win New Mexico.
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Republican Officeholders

ABQjournal: Mama Mia! It’s Good to be Home! By Jim Belshaw, Of the Journal

With all that Democratic corruption going on for so long, does anybody know how Gary Johnson managed to get elected twice? Just curious. Let me know if you have a handle on it.

Or Carruthers. Or Domenici. Or 3 successive Republican Representatives for Bernalillo County, each more conservative than the prior, in a county that is not majority Radical Right. What do you know: Republicans have been stealing elections! Sounds outrageous, doesn’t it. No less so when you say it’s the Democrats doing the stealing.

Remember, the goal is to win at all costs. If you can’t win, then you must discredit the process thoroughly to cover your inability to prevail on merit. From the Right Wing Playbook. mjh

Copter Cacophony

At 2:53am,

we awoke suddenly to what sounded like machine gun fire strafing our backyard. Instead, it was the Albuquerque Police Department’s

helicopter coming in very low over our house before circling back again and again. This is the helicopter that cost the city millions

because it was supposed to be extra quiet. In fact, it is much louder than any other copter in a city with a lot of copters (Abq has 3,

Bernalillo has 2 or 3, TV stations have 2, Fed has god-knows-how-many).

Keep in mind, this is not UNMH Lifeguard. This is the

police swooping in in the middle of the night terrorizing sleeping citizens. Why? Was there a slowdown in traffic on the Interstate? It

doesn’t matter. If you ask the cops, every second they are in the air, they are saving lives. The truth is they are pissing away money

and disturbing the peace every second they are in the air.

After 10 dreadful minutes, the copter drifted on, looking for some

other place to kill time. And a few blocks away, another citizen was jarred out of his bed. mjh

Paving the Desert

ABQjournal: Work Begins on Old Unit 16 By Rory McClannahan,

Journal Staff Writer

RIO RANCHO — A 10-year effort to develop a massive tract of land between Southern Boulevard and the

Bernalillo County line culminated in a groundbreaking for Cabezon Communities last week.

Work on putting houses on the 912-acre

tract, which is flanked by Unser and Golf Course roads, is expected to be under way within the next couple of weeks. The developer, Curb.

Inc., held the groundbreaking to discuss the master plan for the project.

”This is going to be a community, not just another

subdivision,” said Stan Strickman, president of Curb Inc.

The development will include 3,500 houses and townhouses,

commercial areas, trails and a sewage treatment plant. …

Rio Rancho Mayor Jim Owen said Cabezon’s development is part of the

city’s goal of consolidating antiquated properties for development. The antiquated properties were platted before the city incorporated

in the early 1980s and are not subject to land-use controls put in place by the city.

No mention was made of how

many golf courses will appear in this 1.5 square mile desert ”community,” how much water it will soak up or anything about public

transportation. mjh