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over my head

I was crawling around in some bright space that prevented me from standing up. A radio was playing a motivational speaker who had been breathlessly talking about facing our fears. Someone mentioned the short lives of moths and I thought “we don’t know the fate of every moth — there must be some that live longer than others and they would pass that longevity on to their descendants.” I crawled forward and found myself stuck like in a rose bush. I crawled backwards and tore myself free from this minor trap. Now I realized that I was in an area deep with dried leaves almost over my head. “Well,” I thought, “at least I came prepared,” thinking of my long sleeves and pants. As I struggled, the leaves around me settled and in front of me the upper part of a reclining body was revealed: it was the skull and upper torso of a mummified or dessicated person only shiny brown like leather or jerky. I knew I was in trouble and woke up. mjh

This morning’s dreams

We’re standing in a line to get on a bus. When Merri speaks, I know she is

speaking about Britany Spears; she says, “I wonder where Miss Bitch goes for the week and a half.” Continue reading Dreams mjh