We remember the Holocaust without waving Nazi flags

The society that culminated in the Confederate States of Amerika was founded on white people enslaving black people. Over hundreds of years a system grew entrenched around the fundamental right of one person to own another, lesser person. When the rest of the nation could no longer tolerate the intolerable, the CSA waged war in order to preserve the system that enslaved human beings. It comes as no surprise that a society that has murdered and cruelly tortured fellow humans for centuries would be willing to wage war.

Slave owners deserve no memorials. People whose livelihood and comforts were provided for by slaves deserve no celebration. Yes, we should remember the Old South, but as a terrible deviation from human decency.

People who defend the symbols of the CSA as history are at best misguided. The Civil War was not about states’ rights, other than the right to enslave, torture, rape, and murder an entire group of human beings.

We do not need to forget the Civil War. We do not need to blame the descendants of that monstrous society for the unforgiveable sins of their fathers. However, raising the confederate battle flag is the equivalent of tattooing Heil Hitler on your forehead. It marks you as an anti-social idiot, a right you still have.