Time Stops

I first posted this 5 months ago, but it is again timely. I’m even more sanguine about time

change is Spring, when I finally find it easier to get out of bed and my hibernation is over. mjh

I like the biannual change of the clocks for reasons beyond my contrarian nature. For one thing, I like

change and the gentle disruption of the day-to-day. Change is not always good, but it is inevitable; best to be ready to find the good in


In particular, I like the way the time change underscores the arbitrary nature of our measurement of time. Is it really 11am

now or is it 10am or 12pm? Why do we care? Clocks rule modern life — there are 4 or more in this one room. Hours, minutes, seconds —

nanoseconds! If only we paid such attention to equinoxes and solstices or sat patiently through more sunrises and settings. What phase of the moon is it? It is yet another matter

that separates the World from the Earth and, in the process, makes us look and feel rather silly.

That silliness is elevated by

the sing-song, childish mnemonics we depend upon: is it fall forward or spring back? Notice how we need endless reminders the day before

and again the day after in the paper and on the TV. Imagine if we had such a thoroughly redundant system reminding us that lifestyle

choices affect longevity (see it twice in the paper, hear it repeatedly on the TV — every six months — maybe that would sink in).

Of late, as a sign of the times, my thoughts have turned darker. Perhaps it is an experiment in obedience and acceptance of arbitrary

authority (do opponents of Big Government refuse to change their clocks?). You will set your clock as we tell you to, and you will not

question that. Spring Forward! Burn your books! Fall Backwards! Betray your neighbors! It is always time to be a good citizen. mjh