Which fairy do you follow?

Although I was raised in a Mother Goose household, I am born-again Grimm. I live my life according to the tenets codified by the Good Brothers, praise their names.

During a Grimm conclave, I met a woman I was interested in until I discovered she practices Lax-Grimm, which picks and chooses which Grimm beliefs to follow. I’ll have none of that. It’s Devout Grimm for me or nothing.

My best friend from childhood remained a follower of Mother Goose until he took drugs in college and read Revelations. I can’t even talk to him anymore.

My boss is from a family that has followed Aesop for ages. How can he have faith in greedy foxes but not in the Big Bad Wolf. What a fool he is.

When I’m feeling expansive, I consider that any fairy tale is better than none. I can’t imagine going through life without magic to comfort and guide you. Atheists scare me. How can they be good people without fables to guide them?