Dec 292012

I have tried so hard to ignore this brutality, but from the first headline I’ve heard her screaming. This is the nadir in a year full of crimes against humanity. I’m sickened and furious, not just at these men or all men or India. How can any human being lose every iota of compassion and become such a monster. If we can’t prevent the endless abuse of more than half our world, we are despicable. Every single work of art and act of selflessness cannot balance the scale.

Attackers in India Rape Case to Be Charged With Murder –

The woman, who has not been identified, has become of a symbol for the treatment of women in India, where rape is common and conviction rates for the crime are low. She boarded a bus with a male friend after watching a movie at a mall, and was raped and attacked with an iron rod by the men on the bus, who the police later said had been drinking and were on a “joy ride.”

She died Saturday morning in Singapore, where she had been flown for treatment after suffering severe internal injuries during the assault. She had an infection in her lungs and abdomen, liver damage and a brain injury, the Singapore hospital said, and died from organ failure. Her body was flown back to India on Saturday.

Attackers in India Rape Case to Be Charged With Murder –

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