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  • the season of my muse

    Around the park Lucky leads clockwise counter our normal path several trees are a few leaves shy of brilliant others a few short of bare I wonder how this became the season of my muse a child of summer grown […]

  • When poetry strikes

    I walk the dog around the park, Muttering a poem. He looks askance as I repeat lines to etch them on gray parchment. I nod distractedly to leery passers-by, hoping I don’t look crazy reciting rhyme to a dog. If […]

  • reflect

    Before dawn I sit and wait pen in hand. I look across this blank page stretching forever. Where are you? I watch and wait and look up to see you at the edge of the woods you emerge and walk […]

  • birdsmith

    The poet stands before a cage of birds, contemplating his next words. He snatches up a finch and deftly dips its feet in ink, stamping glyphs across the page. All the while, the bird sings softly, adding a common tone […]

  • dry spell

    It is so nice of you to ask about my poetry. “Anything new?” Only seeds on fallow ground my personal drought, I reply dryly through cracked lips, my laugh the crunch of leaves & snap of twigs. In my hands […]