Apr 242013

It’s strange
to rise from sleep
and feel that heaviness
as if returning to earth
after weeks in space
or is sleep
a graver world
pulling us down
as we struggle back toward light.

06-24-1995 [same time as MERRI!]

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Apr 132013

the alpha wolf dreams
she is on her greatest hunt.
the prey is worthy & strong

her twitches and yelps
awaken her pack
they stand around her
recognize the cues
this is a great hunt.
as one, they lay down
and close their eyes

and she is surrounded again
by her pack
moving endlessly towards the kill mjh


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Apr 272012

at night
the wolves wait
on my temples
for the elk to venture
from my sparse hairline
onto my forehead

instantly, the pack pursues the herd
some escape into the thicket of my eyebrows
as the rest charge across
the curve of my cheek
longing for the forest of my beard

I sleep through the slaughter
on my jaw
soothed by the steady snores
of slumbering bears
in the caves of my ears mjh


(Thanks to Merri for ‘slumbering.’)

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My Virtual Chapbook (table of contents)

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Apr 222012

Sometimes I arise
before dawn
and in those first few moments
I am six again
alone in the endless dark
not quite afraid but
far from mommy and home.
That innocence passes
more quickly this time
with the coming of the light
the radio informs
as the coffee cooks
and I tuck that child
safely back into
his corner of my head:
it’s ok
go back to sleep. mjh


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My Virtual Chapbook (table of contents)

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