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  • Poetry and photography

    Poetry and photography

    Speaking of me, you may have noticed my twin interests: photography and poetry. I think of them separately, but both are creative expressions or the Universe talking back to itself visually versus verbally. I hesitate to bring the two together […]

  • Otre vez

    Miguel Seco walked into Café Cervantes and slapped a fat coin on the mahogany bar. Staring each patron in the eye, he announced, “This gold goes to the one whose poem pleases me most.” A hush fell as we all […]

  • the season of my muse

    Around the park Lucky leads clockwise counter our normal path several trees are a few leaves shy of brilliant others a few short of bare I wonder how this became the season of my muse a child of summer grown […]

  • Pocket poem

    He checked his pocket for change and pulled out a poem. To his credit, he valued words more than money. The cashier smiled and asked, Do you want a receipt? Yes, please. She scribbled a response. In this economy, words […]

  • clean sweep

    The whispering trees recite rhymes Written by rain. Poems rustle, flutter to the gutter, Clutter up the street. Ankle-deep in poetry, I reach for a rake. 12-16-02

  • legacy

    I’ve become the caretaker of a small collection of works by a minor poet who abruptly stopped writing when his muse moved on. Did he feel like a man whose mistress has taken a younger lover? Or was this as […]

  • reflect

    Before dawn I sit and wait pen in hand. I look across this blank page stretching forever. Where are you? I watch and wait and look up to see you at the edge of the woods you emerge and walk […]