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  • Florida 2010

    Florida 2010

    From Florida 2010 We took a 12-day trip to Florida in May, flying to Miami and driving 2,250 miles home. Our days and nights in Miami involved decrappifying a house full of photos, knick-knacks, and oddities accumulated over 30+ years. […]

  • My Favorite Memory of the Bush Administration (photomayo)

    My Favorite Memory of the Bush Administration (photomayo)

    [originally published on: May 14, 2006] (6/14/2003 – photo by MRudd) My friend, Mike A, owner of the Gold Pan RV Park in Platoro, Colorado, took me fishing in 2003. He was very generous and patient, loaning me gear, showing […]

  • Hiatus (photomayo)

    The two or three of you who might notice will probably forgive me – it’s disappointing me that disappoints me. I intended to post something photographic every day in May. I did not reckon with going out of town for […]