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  • Digiscopy


    Digiscopy or digiscoping involves combining a camera with a (tele)scope for far-reaching zoom close-ups. The best shots probably involve a mechanism for mounting the camera to the scope. (Or one of Zeiss’ awesome but expensive photoscopes – not a product […]

  • Be Ready for Good Luck

    Be Ready for Good Luck

    When I walk around the neighborhood, I take my camera. If I don’t, I’m sure to see a roadrunner, hawk, or merlin. I don’t know if there is ONE best photography tip, but this one is on my short list: […]

  • Other Photographers

    Other Photographers

    I’ve developed a thing for photographers. If that strikes you as narcissistic, wait until I cover self-portraits and reflections. One reason I photograph photographers is I don’t want to take the pictures other people are taking – that’s my very […]