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  • A Republican for Health Care

    63 Years Ago Today | NewMexiKen [hat tip] President Harry S. Truman, in his 1949 State of the Union Address: We must spare no effort to raise the general level of health in this country. In a nation as rich […]

  • Happy Bill of Rights Day!

    Tweet for freedom on Dec. 15 – From Our Inbox – The irony is that most of us honor the Fourth of July because we believe it’s a day on which Americans secured their freedom. But the truth is […]

  • When I hear “Ponzi” I assume the speaker is an idiot …

    “The first modern social insurance program began in Germany in 1889 and has been in continuous operation for more than 100 years. The American Social Security system has been in continuous successful operation since 1935. Charles Ponzi’s scheme lasted barely […]

  • My Litmus Test

    Above all, I have one question for any candidate: Do you believe in evolution? If the answer is no, you cannot serve in any elected office (or as a teacher). Line of the day | NewMexiKen “To be clear. I […]

  • Obama, Raygun Democrat, Moderate Conservative – or just too smart for fools like me?

    In keeping with disappointment with Obama’s performance: Obama & the Fake Debt Ceiling Crisis: This President Is Really Just Smarter Than You Are | Black Agenda Report What if Barack Obama is a Reagan Democrat in every meaningful way, right […]

  • Raygun is too liberal for today’s GOP

    Best line of the day | NewMexiKen “Congress consistently brings the government to the edge of default before facing its responsibility. This brinkmanship threatens the holders of government bonds and those who rely on Social Security and veterans benefits. Interest […]

  • “[T]he idea that if families are tightening their belts, the government should do the same, is as deeply intuitive as it is deeply wrong.” Paul Krugman

    I wasn’t surprised the Albuquerque Journal gave so much space to Mike Frese, “Corrales resident”, to repeat the hoary nonsense about the national debt as a ‘family problem.’ Family is the metaphor for conservatives – especially, Christian conservatives – because […]