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  • the season of my muse

    Around the park Lucky leads clockwise counter our normal path several trees are a few leaves shy of brilliant others a few short of bare I wonder how this became the season of my muse a child of summer grown […]

  • new growth

    We planted this mimosa when I turned 50. Mom always said, “every man should plant a tree and raise a son.” I’ve planted many trees and this one started out just right the mantis in the branches saying a benediction […]

  • surrounded

    the alpha wolf dreams she is on her greatest hunt. the prey is worthy & strong her twitches and yelps awaken her pack they stand around her recognize the cues this is a great hunt. as one, they lay down […]

  • reflect

    Before dawn I sit and wait pen in hand. I look across this blank page stretching forever. Where are you? I watch and wait and look up to see you at the edge of the woods you emerge and walk […]

  • slumber

    at night the wolves wait on my temples for the elk to venture from my sparse hairline onto my forehead instantly, the pack pursues the herd some escape into the thicket of my eyebrows as the rest charge across the […]

  • flea

    From afar I am drawn to this mountain. I step on his feet, climb his knee, over his hip, and run along his long spine, up between great shoulders. Ahead I face the summit. From his crown I look down […]

  • Bask

    like nervous reptiles skittering among the rocks safe haven but never secure warmed from the outside animated by a distant source a shadow freezes and frightens us we run for the light, pause, bask, before slipping into darkness mjh Listen […]