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  • In Good Taste

    Don’t stew, my saucy one, for you have spiced my life and flavored my existence. Together, we are cooking up the meal of a lifetime in the Kitchen of Love. mjh 2/14/1996

  • fuzzle

    Off a train of thought, signs point up to higher functions, down to baser instincts. A mindpost warns: synaptic lapse ahead. Now, I’m treading a familiar path in the gray. All around me light flashes the path is slick and […]

  • whacked

    my head is buzzing like a hive whacked with a stick I’m flopping in bed like a fish in a boat inches from my element mjh 1/20/05

  • BRB

    Saw you online the other day. Didn’t IM — I am not the chatty type. Like seeing you across a room without waving. It’s just nice to know you’re there. mjh 3/21/08 5am

  • Poetic Justice

    1. The burglars kicked in the sidedoor and invaded our kitchen stealing 22 years of safety and a cheap TV. 2. We painted that kitchen in a project which began with stripping ugly wallpaper and ended with a pretty security […]