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  • Luke and Autumn play ball

    Luke and Autumn play ball

    When she got the ball from him, he chased her. When he stopped, she ran circles around him with the ball. Luke’s album (this one is there) Autumn’s album

  • Luke, the Love Hound

    Luke, the Love Hound

  • Some people should not have dogs

    I was walking Luke in the neighborhood this afternoon. I heard a couple of whistles and saw a small but muscular brindle pit-bull roaming up ahead, a man following, a second man farther behind. The pit-bull sees us and comes […]

  • Luke the Dog

    Luke the Dog

    Love-hound Albuquerque, New MexicoDate: Mar 5, 2012Number of Photos in Album: 13View Album

  • School Bus (a dream)

    I looked out the front door of our house to see a school bus across the street. The bus driver was Gail Joralemon (a friend). A very long leash trailed out the driver’s window to Luke (our new dog), who […]