Apr 152012

Look East
to watch the setting sun
reach across the miles
to brush the mountains pink
with one last caress farewell
as they blush
rose red at nightfall
and sink into gray
waiting for the moon to say
“Hush, be still now.
I am with you til the dawn.” mjh


(with a tip of the hat to Jon Knudsen)

Listen to Blush (22 seconds)

My Virtual Chapbook (table of contents)

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Apr 222011

The roar of the ocean
the heartbeat of the earth
the sea pushes up
the land, pushes up
the mountains, pushes
me home to the desert
to the still dry blue
a parched landscape
thirsty enough for seawater
ready for beaches
waiting for the tide
to rise again
as it will mjh

06/2001 ?

Listen to waiting for the tide

My Virtual Chapbook (table of contents)

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