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  • When taking photos, move around your subject …

    When taking photos, move around your subject …

    These two photos were taken at about the same time of day. Although they are two different flowers, they are near each other. Neither has been manipulated after taking except for cropping. Compare the effect of the two backgrounds. Move […]

  • Macros


    A macro is an extreme close-up. Macros can reveal details we might otherwise miss. Most macro shots involve putting the lens as close to the subject as one can get, which can create problems with depth of field and the […]

  • Bokeh and DOF

    Bokeh and DOF

    Bokeh is the English spelling of a Japanese word. I pronounce it ‘bowkay.’ Most simply, bokeh refers to the blurring of areas of a photograph. Bokeh is a natural bi-product of depth-of-field (DOF), that aspect of photography that is so […]

  • Life Glows

    Life Glows

      This photo was an epiphany for me. Suddenly, I realized that flowers (and leaves) are translucent, not opaque. Further, I discovered the backside of flowers. In particular, this is a chocolate flower (also called green eyes). Those red veins […]

  • Photos by mjh

    Photos by mjh

    April’s theme gives way to May’s: from poetry to photography. My goal for my birth month is to post a photo (or group) here every day – some old, some new. Here is my most frequently seen photo on Flickr: […]