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  • rise

    Like a monk rising before dawn, I am unalarmed as claws clatter in the hall. He stands by the bed to call me to service. I perform my ritual, bowing my head over his bowl, murmuring my prayer: “good boy.” […]

  • Where Is She?

    When I come in from the garage the dog’s look asks, “Where is she?” Gone, I say, she’s gone. He stands at the door head tilted, he listens for you. I open the door and he walks around the car […]

  • When poetry strikes

    I walk the dog around the park, Muttering a poem. He looks askance as I repeat lines to etch them on gray parchment. I nod distractedly to leery passers-by, hoping I don’t look crazy reciting rhyme to a dog. If […]

  • legacy

    I’ve become the caretaker of a small collection of works by a minor poet who abruptly stopped writing when his muse moved on. Did he feel like a man whose mistress has taken a younger lover? Or was this as […]

  • Billy

    It doesn’t seem the least bit odd that all the members of the orchestra are dogs. Some in tuxedos, some in black gowns, sitting, waiting — good dogs! — for the conductor to raise a long meaty bone. Some clear […]

  • Share

    The dog lies in my chair his chin upon the arm. This seems to me quite fair and really does no harm. For I have learned to share, as you can plainly see, from all the hair I wear, a […]

  • 101°

    101° Glenn Gould plays Bach as I step on that distant shore. Handing my coppers to the boatman, I look up the bank for you among the crowd scanning the new arrivals for old friends to lead across the fields […]