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  • Where Is She?

    When I come in from the garage the dog’s look asks, “Where is she?” Gone, I say, she’s gone. He stands at the door head tilted, he listens for you. I open the door and he walks around the car […]

  • Sung

    As I lie dying spoon me one more time before the darkness falls and all I am is no more forever done and gone a song no longer sung hold me one last time before the darkness falls and I […]

  • legacy

    I’ve become the caretaker of a small collection of works by a minor poet who abruptly stopped writing when his muse moved on. Did he feel like a man whose mistress has taken a younger lover? Or was this as […]

  • 101°

    101° Glenn Gould plays Bach as I step on that distant shore. Handing my coppers to the boatman, I look up the bank for you among the crowd scanning the new arrivals for old friends to lead across the fields […]

  • at this very moment

    If you are wondering what I am doing at this very moment: I am writing a poem that might be read long after I’m dead by someone not yet born, so that I might know what they are doing at […]

  • The Bright Side

    “When he’s dead,” she says, “I’ll finally get that dishwasher.” “And when she’s dead,” he says, “I’ll knock a pass-thru to the kitchen.” Either could have what they want now but these are little improvements they can look forward to […]

  • The Heaven of Animals

    The meadow is his home now. Up high in the mountains, he lies in the shade in a circle of trees among the wild iris. He yawns and stretches, flips over and rolls and rolls, groaning in pleasure in the […]