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  • Cold Lang Syne

    The coyotes celebrated New Year’s Eve down by the frozen lake. Their singing at midnight woke us from a deep sleep snug in our tent piled high with bags, blankets, and clothes. I’ve never heard so devilish a song so […]

  • Graze

    A mile or two away above the timberline sheep spilled single-file across a meadow and pooled at a low point. “If we can see them,” you asked, “can’t the coyotes?” At that moment, we met the strangers man and woman […]

  • Songdogs

    I met a couple on the breathless trail to Pueblo Alto. They were dressed identically in long-sleeve white shirts and khaki-colored nylon pants — oddly well-groomed in a wild place. They grinned at me as they approached, and I thought […]