I have one observation for photo enthusiasts: If your camera isn’t in your hand, you might as well not own a camera. I’ve made it my habit to have my camera ready to shoot most of the time I’m outside, especially on walks. Even so, I miss some great photos.  A legitimate complaint about non-DSLR cameras, such as my wonderful Sony HX-100v, is shutter lag: The time between pressing the button and capturing the image can make all the difference in the world. Today, it worked to my advantage, lagging from a mediocre shot into a very cool moment.

ladderback woodpecker on hummingbird feeder

I heard this bird a couple of minutes before I saw it. It’s familiar chuckle chided me to practice what I preach and get my camera out of the bag, lens cap off. Thank you, little one.

Save your accolades for the Universe. I was a lucky witness.

Be Ready for Good Luck Thu 05/05/11 at 12:00 pm

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