Park Hawks

The hawks reappeared in my neighborhood park this weekend. I hadn’t seen them in months. Just after I arrived at the park, I heard that parrot-like call I associate with the hawks. As I was looking up, unsuccessfully, for the source of the call, a second hawk landed just above me and began to chatter. I talked back to him, absorbed in the moment, letting my camera hang at my side. (I don’t want the camera to distract me from the most ephemeral moments.) The late-comer and the hidden hawk both took off in the same direction across the park, landing in trees above another dog-walker, who didn’t see them. Over the next half hour, as I walked around the park, I saw and heard the hawks more than any other time this year.

As Lucky and I returned to our starting point in the park, he marched on. I heard that call again and, feeling “now or never,” I held Lucky back (good dog!) and got my camera ready. One hawk soared out across the street and back towards the trees as I swung the camera and clicked with no time to frame or focus. I said to Lucky, “If I’m really lucky, that will turn out.” mjh

Lucky Hawk Photo

Cropped hawk photo

PS: The next day, a dozen turkey vultures (aka, southwestern condors) soared and circled over our playing field. (No comments about being near death, please.) They may have been on their way to Mexico for the winter, returning in March. A short time later, one of the flock circled back for a closer pass. It was magnificent.

PPS: Remember, I am *NOT* the Bird Man of Albuquerque.