Poor David Koch

It occurs to me that David Koch died knowing he’d failed terribly. Yes, he used his wealth to push candidates and causes Progressives couldn’t abide. (Often through the cowardly use of “dark money.”) However, recall that Koch was not a Conservative Republican — Koch was a libertarian. (Note that “extreme” is always redundant with “libertarian” and it should never be capitalized because you don’t have any right to tell me otherwise.) Name a politically-successful libertarian. Justin Amash? He failed to save the GOP. Gary “Big J” Johnson? He helped elect Trump.

Koch must have hated Trump and he must have been furious that the unprincipled charlatan succeeded where Koch failed: in transforming the Republican party. Pity poor David Koch, whose vast wealth could not achieve his greatest dreams nor keep him from Death. (Perhaps, he took comfort in seeing the Federal government weakened and corrupted, though the empty bathtub costs more than ever.)

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