To Hell with Kim Davis

I think jail is a last resort as punishment for non-violent crimes. In Davis’ case, I would have sentenced her to hours of community service equal to the hours she worked but refused to issue licenses to same-sex couples. Each 8 hour work day would add 8 hours of community service for free, preferably some of it on a suicide hotline, all of it supervised by a probation officer.

Nevertheless, she was sentenced to jail for contempt of court. Days later, she was released without comment, as far as I know. We can be certain she is as full of contempt as ever, so what’s the plan? Let her hide in her office every day with the shades drawn?

Davis’ contempt is so great she has said that licenses issued by anyone but her are invalid – that was mean-spirited of her. I’ve heard only anemic contradiction of that. If I were part of a same-sex couple in Davis’ county, I’d ask for her to sign the license for full legitimacy. When Davis refuses, call the sheriff and add more public service hours.