In Christ We Trust?

In the paper this morning, a comics character tells Santa she wishes people would recognize

our nation was founded on “Christian principles with a broad tolerance towards other faiths.” I’m touched by that right-wing politically

correct notion of “broad tolerance” — ie, mind your place and we’ll put up with you.

Where exactly in the Constitution does one

read “In Christ We Trust” or “Christ Bless America”? I am aware of the very few references to god and a creator in our founding

documents, but where is Christ mentioned?

You understand the confusion. Christians aren’t merely monotheists, they’re monopoly-

theists. They accept the notion that the only way to god is through Jesus. Frankly, I find it hard to believe the gentle Jesus was so

arrogant. Still, with Jesus as the gatekeeper, all references to god must implicitly include Jesus. So it is that a nation that makes the

blandest references to an unspecified god must really worship Jesus.

Or maybe it’s just that Christians, like the Radical Right,

associate all that is good with themselves and all that is evil with others. That is, they deny their humanity and the humanity of others

— we are all flawed in good and bad ways. But, if you only have good on your side and, we agree, the Constitution is a “good” document,

it must be a “Christian” document. Nonsense.

I’ve never understood why anyone worships the god of the Old Testement — just read

Job or Issac. The old god is one mean and demanding being. Good news, everybody, there’s a New Testement with a sweet nice guy as it’s

protagonist. You’ll go to hell if you don’t fully accept that as fact.

My Messiah would surpass the very best teachers I’ve

ever had. S/he would say, “good for you for finding your own solution.” My Buddha would say, “damn, I wish I’d thought of that as a way

to enlightenment.” My Muhommad would say to the others, “you should see this kid — no one has ever asked that question before.”

Or, more likely, “where the hell did you get the idea that it is OK to push others around and take their stuff?” mjh

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