I don’t want to vote again for Obama

I donated more money to Obama than to all the candidates I’ve donated to before. I supported him when Hillary was the front runner and could have been my candidate. When Barack Hussein Obama was elected president, I felt America was reclaimed from the strutting dimwitted Duhbya and the ugly, small-minded, cheap bastards. I felt proud of my country, yes, for the first time.

I still think Obama is smart, decent, and competent. I even see he was a bit clever to get the Republicans to avoid a repeat of the recent nonsense in 2012 (surely they don’t comprehend how stupid they look). However, Obama is incapable of standing up for progressive values against the bullies of the GOP who see only their way and no other. The GOP doesn’t just want 100%, it wants you to give up more to persuade them to accept 110%, at which point half of them will crow like drunken frat boys and the other half will demand more concessions. Piss on them.

Progressives need a candidate NOW to pull Obama back to the left – the center, really. And, that whoop you just heard was the GOP celebrating their only goal: to keep Obama to one term. If only Democrats had worked with such focus to defeat Duhbya in 2004, the whole world would be a better off. Fuck you, GOP. You’re taking us all to Hell with you.

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