Your Roof is a Free Speech Zone

After I heard that George Duhbya Bush was coming to Albuquerque again, I scoured the news for information. I even checked the White House website. All I could find was he would be here ”mid-morning” on Friday, speaking in front of his usual hand-picked crowd. Supposedly, his speech would not be a campaign speech (therefore, you and I paid for it), but a ”policy” speech on homeownership. No one mentioned where he would speak.

Thursday, I wrote two reporters asking if they knew the time or place of his visit. One said ”no,” the other said ”we’re not supposed to say,” explaining that in these times one can’t be too careful. Too careful that someone will protest the president. Bush is a coward and is spreading his fear among the people.

Thursday afternoon, I climbed on my roof and spread two tarps. On one, I painted a big white W with a red circle and slash (No Duhbya). On the other, I painted ”Dump Bush.” I also painted the w-slash on two trash bags.

Friday morning, I filled some helium balloons and stuffed them in the trash bag and attached others to a line attached to the bag. Up on the roof, I let my protest go, up into the air. I’m beginning to realize that helium is weak and balloons troublesome, especially in any breeze (and this is spring in New Mexico, where breeze is an understatement). Eventually, a few neighbors came out and called their support to me. A few people stared as they drove by.

Meanwhile, the news covered the president’s arrival and mentioned a few protestors in a ”free speech zone.” Welcome to what used to be America. mjh

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