Shake off your stupor

In the long run, Americans favor more freedom, not less. Denying rights

goes against America’s self-image. Even many conservatives are leery of amending the Constitution. Prohibition was the last time we

amended the Constitution to restrict rights and freedom; you know how well that turned out.

There is absolutely no doubt that one

day, gays and lesbians will be free to have all the rights and responsibilities of marriage. No doubt.

Before that day comes,

there will be a battle with people who have no hesitation in denying countless Americans a whole host of rights. Ironically, these people

call themselves conservatives, though they are all about radical change. This is just one bar in the cage they are building around

America. They are our jihadists, our taliban, fanatic followers of the one true word of god (as they see it). Not content to live and let

live, not able to do unto others as they would have done onto them, the Radical Right will destroy this village to save it. We cannot

allow that.

After they attempt a constitutional amendment to dictate who has the state’s blessing in declaring their love, the

Radical Right will move on to an amendment denying women control over their own bodies and their families. Then, an amendment to allow

Arnold Schwartzeneggar to become president (after Jeb Bush, perhaps).

We must stop this. But, if we fail, the pendulum will swing

and some of these changes will be undone (some things are already ruined forever). That’s assuming we haven’t all become slack-jawed

bible thumping reality TV watching apathetic illiterates in the meantime. Who benefits from ignorance? Who benefits from apathy or

despair? Who benefits from passivity? The Powers-that-be. Shake off your stupor and fight back! mjh

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