What About Justin?

There are

three things that bother me about the outrage that followed this latest Super Bowl. First of all, how did these gangstas and pimps make

it into Halftime? These men believe that ALL women are whores. If Janet’s breast had remained covered, would anyone complain about huge

sums of money being made exploiting, excoriating, women. These guys fill their videos with largely-naked women in porn poses. The pimps

like semi-classy callgirls in Victoria’s Secrets, while Kid Rock prefers strippers and biker chicks (and confederate battle flags —

don’t the brothers know about the Kid?).

Secondly, where was the collective outrage after the NFL and Pepsi raped the

National Mall in DC, with a stripped Britney Spears begging for it? That was just an undress rehersal, and good, clean patriotism,

to boot.

Worst of all, why do I keep hearing Janet’s name and not Justin’s? Did he not expose her? Isn’t he at least

half the problem? Why aren’t all these outraged bluenoses going after the boy, with his weasely excuses? I don’t see either of them as

a role model, but I do imagine a lot of boys did a lot of grabbing after the game. Do you realize that many young girls report being

groped and harrassed? Now we’ve elevated it to primetime entertainment.

Halftime wasn’t the problem. The fantasy of noble conflict

people used to project on athletes and athletics has become a delusion. They’re all whores owned by Corporate Pimps selling you drugs.

It’s time to disband all professional sports (and de-professionalize all other sports). Find something better to do with your

time and money. mjh

”In this dirty-minded world, she thought, you are either somebody’s wife or somebody’s whore

— or fast on your way to becoming one or the other. If you don’t fit either category, then everyone tries to make you think there

is something wrong with you. But, she thought, there is nothing wrong with me.” — Jenny, Garp’s mom in The World According to

Garp, by John Irving

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