fuzzle (noun)

something that doesn’t work out or can’t be solved; something not

worth solving

past tense of fizzle or a play on puzzle

neologismo (noun)

the uncontrollable urge to coin new

words; a swaggering passion for new words; the brusque use of new words

(the ‘g’ is a ‘j’ so soft as to become a ‘ch’; a hard

‘g’ makes it mean ”a device for coining new words”)

neolojism (noun)

the inevitable byproduct of too much

self-indulging in neologismating

This all started when a word popped into my head. That lead to others, which seemed an

inspired blog entry. Until, just as I was about to post this entry, I decided to check google. So much for my ‘original’ thoughts:

Fuzzles (<shrug>who knew?


Joho the Blog:

Words of the Years Michael Neolojism: A combination of neologism and jism meaning the end result of this particular type of

linguistic masturbation.

The Doc Searls Weblog : (Hmm… how about neolojism,

to denote a neologism about which its originator vainly brags?) [mjh: ouch! this one hurts.]

I might be able to claim

neologismo, as long as one overlooks that it is also Italian for neologism. ‘Neologismating’ was my least favorite; ironic that

it is my only original. Sigh. What a fuzzle! mjh

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