Just You Wait, John Wayne Higgins – Trust in Fate

I first heard of John Wayne Higgins when he ran for Bernco Probate Judge in 1998. Aside from his cool name, his most distinguishing trait in that race was a complete lack of probate experience. That’s NM’s constitution, for you: The only requirements for county office are being 18 and paying a small filing fee.

Higgins is a DWI attorney. After his second arrest for DWI, I wonder if he is subconsciously drawn to DWI or if the appeal is learning to game the system. The belligerent, bellicose drunk in the police videos clearly needs to dry out. But, heck, can you blame him for celebrating after getting off of domestic violence charges that same day?

Higgins should accept his 48 hours in jail (not yet served) and one year probation. Of course, he’s going to fight it to restore his,  ahem, good name. Oh, but those videos will be around forever, JW.

Attorney found guilty of aggravated DWI | KRQE News 13 New Mexico

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