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ABQjournal: Bill Would Fund New Coors Rules By Andrea Schoellkopf, Journal Staff Writer

City Councilor Michael Cadigan, who represents the upper West Side, has introduced a bill that would fund a $150,000 update of the Coors Corridor Plan? adopted by the council in 1984.

The council is scheduled to consider the resolution at its March 7 meeting.

Under the resolution, the updates would establish high-quality design standards regarding development, open spaces and other public areas and increase “visual harmony” between new and existing buildings and the natural environment.

Last year, West Siders called for a revision of the plan after walls began appearing on both sides of Coors. As it turned out, the area on the west side of Coors and the area south of the La Luz neighborhood did not have view protections built into the Coors Corridor plan.

“A lot of those empty parcels are starting to fill up,” Cadigan said….

Coors “was supposed to be more of a parkway, more like Tramway,” Valles said. “… People that were involved in creating the Coors Corridor plan are nothing but disappointed with the way the city has enforced it.”

Rae Perls, president of the La Luz Landowners Association, which is southeast of Monta?o and Coors, said the other issue is whether the view from Coors is inclusive of the bosque and the city lights, or is limited to the mountain range.

“We have some major concerns about huge walls and double story buildings being built flush up to Coors and totally blocking all views,” she said. “… It’s a tragedy to those of us who live on the West Side, to see it destroyed by the greediness of developers.”

She said unless the Coors Corridor plan is updated, developers will be able to build however they want.


ABQjournal: 3 Six-Story Buildings in Project By Rory McClannahan, Journal Staff Writer

The West Side could be home to three six-story buildings in the next couple of years.

Interstate Development Co. is proposing to develop a 426,000-square-foot village center called Fountain Hills Plaza on 36 acres near the intersection of Paradise and Eagle Ranch. The development, which would be done in six phases would include retail and office space, a hotel and two condominiums. The hotel and condos are proposed to be six-story buildings, according to plans submitted to the city’s Planning Department.

The developers plan to unveil their plans and take comments at a public meeting scheduled at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Taylor Ranch Community Center.


ABQjournal: Wal-Mart Purchases 20 Acres for Store By Joshua Akers, Journal Staff Writer

There has been no announcement and no fanfare from retail giant Wal-Mart’s corporate office. But all indications are the company is coming to Rio Rancho.

The mega-retailer recently purchased just over 20 acres of commercial land from AMREP Southwest in the northwest corner of Unser and Southern Boulevard, according to documents filed at the Sandoval County clerk’s office.

The land purchase comes as the company’s building permit is under review in the city’s Development Department.

According to that plan, Wal-Mart is planning a 214,000- square-foot Supercenter for the site. …

Because the land is already zoned commercial, no public hearings are planned for the project.