Another Rightwinger Wants to Dissolve the Union

Obama and the Democrat Party have returned us full circle to the tyrannical days of Taxation Without Representation. And if I might point out to our politicians and the rest of their communist colleagues, it was Taxation Without Representation which started this country and it’s going to be Taxation Without Representation which ends it.

Seriously, Clyde? Were you not represented by Tricky Dick Nixon, the crook, and Spiro Agnew, the godfather of thuggery? Were you not represented by Ronnie Raygun, the god of the GOP and bumpersticker politics? Were you not represented by Gingrinch and the Contract on America? Were you not represented by BushCo? In all those years, I paid taxes. In most of those years, if I complained, your ilk told me to shut up or move to another country. Now, after one election, you’re ready to dissolve the union? Where’s your respect for America? peace, mjh

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One thought on “Another Rightwinger Wants to Dissolve the Union”

  1. You tell ’em! These whiny candy-

    ass bitches, don’t get their way once and they start wanting to shoot people and break up the country. If that’s the case, then who

    are the real patriots?

    Yeah, that’s what I thought boyeeee! :)

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