An Open Letter to Albuquerque’s Mayor Berry Regarding Recycling

Mayor Berry:

What do you do with the large blocks of styrofoam that come with most assemble-it-yourself items? I put several large blocks of styrofoam out to recycle and saw many of my neighbors do the same. I got a note that such is not recycled. Do we want this in the landfill? How much of this goes to the dump every month? I bet you can’t answer that.

I think if someone goes to the trouble of putting material on the curb for recycling, the recycle truck should take it. You have no other way of knowing what people think *should* be recycled or how much of that there is. Collect it, quantify it, then trash it if you can’t figure out anything better.


PS: Abq also doesn’t accept “chipboard,” such as cereal boxes, plastic bags (Smiths and other groceries accept these for recycling), common plastics other than #1 or #2 (Whole Foods accepts #5 — Gimme 5), or glass (curbside, but yes at various drop-off points; call 311).

Recycling – City of Albuquerque

Much of the more than 1,800 tons of trash generated by the city each day can be recycled. The manufacturing of new products requires considerable energy. If these materials are reused or recycled instead of being disposed of at landfills, less energy will be used, saving on scarce resources. … For more information on the Three R’s—Reduce, Reuse, Recycle—call the Solid Waste Management Department at (505) 761-8100.

Recyclables are collected curbside at Albuquerque households, at recycling drop-off sites throughout the city, and at the city’s three Convenience Centers.

Recycling – City of Albuquerque

Preserve: Gimme 5 Locations

Preserve Gimme 5 bins can be found at the following Whole Foods Market stores and other select locations. The program will expand in the coming months so check back for additional locations. If you don’t live near a Preserve Gimme 5 location, you can mail your #5 plastics directly to Preserve. Turn your yogurt cups into toothbrushes, your takeout containers into razors by joining Gimme 5.

Preserve: Gimme 5 Locations

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