How to stop speeders

If you are ticketed for speeding, a GPS device will be attached to your vehicle. When you exceed the posted speed limit anywhere, the device will shriek until you slow down. Data from the GPS will be analyzed automatically and additional fines generated automatically each time you exceed the speed limit. If you drive for 30 days without exceeding the speed limit, the device will be removed. After a second ticket, the device remains attached for 60 days; third, 90, etc.

After 3 speeding tickets, your driver’s license expires and you must apply and pass the test within 30 days.

If you feel you were unjustly ticketed or have a valid excuse, you may appeal the ticket. A judge will decide if your explanation merits dismissing the ticket. However, the device will still be attached. Hopefully, you won’t have a second emergency within 30 days.

This system could allow some leeway, such as ignoring speeding within a few miles per hour over the limit or for less than a minute (such exceptions would still be tracked, just not taken as violations). The system could be stricter in neighborhoods, laxer on Interstates.

Aggregate data from this system will be made public (without identification). All of us will be able to see which routes are more routinely abused and, therefore, are most dangerous to pedestrians, animals, and other drivers. Traffic planners will use this data to plan changes to the speed limit or the road.

Civil libertarians are always free to fuck themselves. Driving is not a right. Driving is a privilege replete with obligations, including the obligation to drive safely.