Someone Skipped the Kool-aid

Follow the link below to read marjorie’s critique of The Speech. I’ll wait….

marjorie says…

m-pyre: An Obama Critique

All over the Web, people are gushing over Obama’s speech. I’m often drawn to the contrarian and outsider, so I appreciate marjorie’s critique. I would point out that starting with the European invasion of this hemisphere might have been over-reaching — leave something for the first Native American presidential candidate to address. Further, going that far back risks alienating Spain’s descendants, a group Obama may have trouble reaching. (And, let’s not forget this continent was, in fact, once devoid of all human life, until the ancestors of today’s First Americans invaded and conquered the land. Did the buffalo welcome them as liberators? Besides, we’re all brothers and sisters and share each other’s sins and goodness.) My easy retort should not outweigh my appreciation for marjorie’s thoughts. Indeed, I have more praise and fewer objections to that than she has to Obama.

I’m stunned by such a thoughtful speech that breaks so many conventions, including being so long. When was the last presidential speech anyone applied the phrase “teachable moment” to? Seriously, even for all the wonkiness both Clintons get and deserve credit for, when was either so insightful or inspiring? (Obviously, I had to skip 7+ years of BushCo.) We are watching a brilliant mind at work. (Granted, this is a topic he has been thinking about his whole life.)

As an aside, make note that even some conservatives are genuinely drawn to Obama. Left and Right often make the mistake of thinking only of themselves as smart and the opposition as idiots. As repulsed as I am by conservatives congratulating themselves as “deep thinkers” (snort, choke, gasp), some of them really aren’t idiots. Certainly, even coma victims are tired of listening to Commander Dimwit and are counting the days until something better comes along. (Is McCain really the best we can do?) peace, mjh

PS: Over at, some deep thinker comments, “You people sure are easy to fool.” No conservative should get away with saying such a thing without having his ears boxed and being forced to watch endless loops of a smirking Duhbya swaggering across the deck of the aircraft carrier. Fool.

pps: Obama’s speech: The reviews – First Read –

“That was the most awful speech I have ever heard
and furthermore how can he remain friends with this
Pastor that said all of these awful things about America!no my message will probably not be posted
Obama is full of crap and I think its very scarey
to see how is glazed eyes follwers think he is
Jesus come to earth…… no sweethearts not Jesus
he seems more like the Anti-Christ to me .God Please
protect America.
” – R.Williams Texas (Sent Wednesday, March 19, 2008 10:41 AM)

What a load of horse apples! I cannot support Barry Obama because of his socialist views, that big government is the answer to all the problems, and his cowardly foreign policy. He has “embraced” either side of his racial heritage when it was advantagous to him. He is a polictial opprotunist of the first degree or he would not be running for President on such thin credentials. His “fans” folk to his “star power” because the media has made him their “cleb du jour”, like they did JFK. All show and no “go”. Open your eyes, ears and minds people! He said NOTHING of substance! But for Obama-ites, nothing is enough. – Saltwater Cracker, Fla. (Sent Wednesday, March 19, 2008 10:41 AM)