No more laughing off The Donald


No more laughing off The Donald | Albuquerque Journal By Ruth Marcus / Syndicated Columnist

Yes, the real estate tycoon is a know-nothing, uninterested-in-learning-anything buffoon. Also: a demagogue and a bully whose emotional instability would pose a threat to national security.

But the Cruz alternative, it seemed to me then, was even worse. Cruz is smarter than Trump, more calculating than Trump (which is saying something) and way, way more conservative than Trump.

A Trump presidency, or so I reassured myself, at least offered the prospect of unprincipled deal-making in the service of what is Trump’s only guidepost – promoting the greater glory of Trump. President Cruz would be as absolutist as Sen. Cruz, and therefore, from my point of view, the worse president.

I was wrong.

Since that column in mid-December, Trump has proved himself to be even less knowledgeable and even more unhinged. His election would constitute a grave threat to American values and, potentially, American democracy. …

Trump is Nixon with all of the megalomaniacal willingness to abuse power and none of the crafty realpolitik.

No more laughing off The Donald | Albuquerque Journal