Hey, sober realists — get over yourselves

Today, Ruth Marcus joins the chorus of those who feel honor-bound to throw cold water in the faces of Sanders supporters. The steady message is we are stupid, foolish idealists, unrealistic, and blind to recent history. The message is it is wrong to believe you can change a system you find increasingly intolerable. The message is it is foolish to think that if millions of people work together they can make any changes. The message is give up, shut up, and put up with the status quo because that’s the best you can hope for. Wanting anything else means losing everything.

I find these pundits, these adults, these oh-so-smart people increasingly unbearable. I’ll give Marcus the benefit of the doubt that just because she’s paid by big media and lives among the rich and powerful doesn’t mean she can’t have my best interests at heart.

I’m tired of corrupt capitalism run amok. I have little faith in the sacred market and less in the status quo and its advocates. I’m tired of seeing and hearing that democracy is meaningless, sold to the highest bidder. I’m tired of a system that lets the richest people and corporations do and have anything but tells the rest of us to sit down and be quiet.

I’m sick to death of this crap. I’m going to wipe the cold water from my face and vote the way I want to for the change I want. I hope millions of other people will do the same. Change will come.