What’s Going On?

There’s something happening here.
What it is, ain’t exactly clear.
— Buffalo Springfield (a long time ago)

In recognition of National Poetry Month and my tenuous connection to the art, I resolved to publish a poem a day for the month of April. I hoped that in the process, I would feel inspired to (1) gather my poems from various scraps and journals and (2) WRITE!

As a further demonstration of my devotion, I decided to stop posting anything but poetry during this period.

Ah, plans — gotta love ’em.

Reality has conspired to hold me back from gathering those disparate poems. Further, I can’t imagine holding my tongue for a month on matters non-poetical.

So, for a few days, the blog has been on hold as I reconcile my motivations and energies.

If you want to see the blog as purely a poetry blog, use this category or this RSS feed. (There are 42 of my poems on the blog at this writing.)