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You probably already know no blog can contain me. Or is it, satisfy me. As a multi-faceted person, I have multiple blogs. Compartmentalizing my thoughts doesn’t always work, however, and I become conflicted about risking redundancy in cross-posts versus going unread, a fate worse than undead.

Here’s the overview:

  • – You’re soaking in it now. Part political, personal without being icky.
  • – Ah, Wilderness!, where I write about the wild.
  • – PC Training & Consulting (since 1984), where I write about computer topics.
  • – My photoblog; my joy.

All of the above have RSS feeds for the nerds. The latest headlines from each can be found at (Scroll down for links to a few of my friends.)

Lately, I’ve started blogging at DukeCityFix. I’m tempted by the potential audience. (Not so much that I would abandon my loyal readers here. Remember, I’ve eschewed a citywide audience before.) Even on theFix, I have two trains of thought:

  • – I’ll write here occasionally about topics I feel warrant the attention of DCF readers who can’t drag themselves across the Web to this blog.
  • – Less mine than ours, this is a place to extol Abq’s open space.

As you see, I’m really out there. You also see, I hope, that I enjoy all of this, but understand my enjoyment is deepened by your time and attention. Let me know what you think. peace, mjh

PS: Oh, yeah, I’m even on myspace (, but that’s so last year.

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  1. Re: “myspace” p.s.: Any thoughts as to what

    will be “this year?” I’d love to be cool before it’s cool.

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