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It’s nice to have been noticed by mi virtual vecino, Rudolfo Carrillo:

If you like challenging content and clunky pre-Web 2.0 layout, I’ve got the perfect site for you. While the questionably formatted photographic elements may raise a few eyebrows, you can hear a real heart beating here. Dang intellectuals! Usability rating: 5/10.

I’m thrilled to be associated with “challenging content” and intellectuals. I’m glad my heartbeat has been heard. I’ll consider the source regarding “clunky” and “questionably formatted.” I’m not sure I can stomach being in the same context as Mario Burgos, however.

For the record, is my blog collective, mostly occupied by me and Walking Raven. I salt this page with thumbnails of my photos, which I wish you would take the time to see at I have other blogs, as well, including one on computer topics and another on wilderness and anything I associate with that. My pages on Chaco Canyon used to rank high in Google, though I’ve let them languish.

Take some time to look around. “Get to know me,” as Jon Lovitz so famously said. Thanks for visiting. peace, mjh

PS: Web 2.0 (Internet) The second generation of the World Wide Web, especially the movement away from static webpages to dynamic and shareable content and social networking. [Hmmm. My database-driven website with social-networking content (Flickr) may not be 3.0.]

2 thoughts on “All Mark Considered”

  1. greetings mjh:
    actually, i find

    your blog/website quite fascinating and informative to read. i hope that you noticed that the websites were rated in a sardonic manner;

    i.e. a bad rating generally supposes a great website and vice-versa.
    my obscure attempts at humour sometimes go unnoticed. i guess i

    need to stop watching the Mighty Boosh.

  2. Thanks, Rudolfo.

    You noticed I didn’t complain about my rating, which is almost as good as you gave yourself. [insert ameliorating glyph] I am grateful

    for being read/seen and for an even sardonic introduction to your fans. [hat tip] peace, mjh

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