May 202014

I couldn’t bear to listen to the audio of this. I could barely stomach the video. Note how often the cop positions his body so that the lapel camera won’t capture anything. These guys are intentionally gaming the system.

  1. Homeless guy gunned down by a mob of cops.
  2. Young girl shot in the head by repeat-offender-cop.
  3. Clean-cut young man kicked in balls and Taser-ed.

Our police department is changing from an occupying army to a gang of thugs. Pray you don’t get stopped for any reason.

Video shows arrest before man lost testicle |

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May 172014

Why are there still so many unanswered questions surrounding the shooting death of a teenager running from a SWAT team with dogs?

Woman was shot three times; had meth in system | Albuquerque Journal News By Olivier Uyttebrouck / Journal Staff Writer

The trajectory of all three bullets that hit Hawkes passed from the left side of her body to the right, and downward, the state Office of the Medical Examiner reported. The bullets entered her left ear, left upper arm and right shoulder.

The OMI also described seven blunt-force injuries on Hawkes’ body, including on each knee, the top of her forehead, each forearm, her chest and back of her right hand.

Police were unable to produce lapel-camera video of the confrontation. Eden has not answered whether Dear neglected to turn it on or if the camera malfunctioned.

Hawkes’ death – APD’s 24th fatal officer-involved shooting since 2010 – prompted protests both at the site of the shooting and in front of APD headquarters. Hawkes was the only woman shot by police during that time period. [mjh: And the only teenager.]

Woman was shot three times; had meth in system | Albuquerque Journal News

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May 152014

The Bing photo of the day brings the dismal fate of axoloti, plus the words neoteny and endorheic lake, to my attention (I’m surrounded by the latter). It’s one thing to be food, another to be poisoned into extinction, but to survive solely to be be mutilated “for science” is tragic [shakes his fist].

Axolotl – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

As of 2010, wild axolotls were near extinction due to urbanization in Mexico City and consequent water pollution. They are currently listed by CITES as an endangered species and by IUCN as critically endangered in the wild, with a decreasing population. Axolotls are used extensively in scientific research due to their ability to regenerate limbs. Axolotls were also sold as food in Mexican markets and were a staple in the Aztec diet.

A four month long search in 2013 turned up no surviving individuals in the wild. Previous surveys in 1998, 2003 and 2008 had found 6000, 1000 and 100 axolotls per square kilometer in its Lake Xochimilco habitat, respectively.

Axolotl – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Endorheic basin – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

New Mexico has a number of desert endorheic basins including:

Endorheic basin – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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May 022014

A guy saunters into a cave and shoots a captive cougar point-blank. I think it is fair to call shameless Jason Roselius of Oklahoma City an over-privileged amoral cowardly prick. I’d be willing to contribute to the costs of putting up a billboard in OK City that says just that.

If you think justice was served in fining Roselius less than $600 while not even inconveniencing him with a court appearance, note that he paid $900,000 for Teddy Roosevelt’s shotgun. Teddy is spinning in his grave, fuming with rage over this rich bastard.

Lawyer makes deal in cougar killing | Albuquerque Journal News

According to Game and Fish officer case reports, Bidegain met Roselius in Tucumcari on the day of the hunt. When they arrived at the ranch, hunting dogs already had a male cougar cornered in a cave. Roselius got out of a truck, walked to the cave and killed the cougar with one shot from a .243-caliber rifle.

Roselius, Bidegain and the other men allegedly involved in the kill were charged with unlawful hunting because Game and Fish regulations say a hunter who kills a cougar must be present continuously once any dog is released.

Roselius also was charged with hunting without a license. While he had purchased a cougar license in New Mexico, he had failed to buy a required general game-hunting license and habitat management access validation stamp, according to Game and Fish.

Roselius entered his no contest plea in state Magistrate Court in Tucumcari as part of an agreement with the office of state District Attorney Timothy Rose.

In exchange for Roselius’ plea to unlawful hunting and his agreement to pay restitution and court costs, the DA’s Office dismissed the charge of hunting without a license. ..

Roselius didn’t appear in person for the plea hearing before Judge Buddy J. Hall, instead taking part by telephone.

Lawyer makes deal in cougar killing | Albuquerque Journal News

Judge Hall may have followed the letter of the law but he failed to teach this guy anything or to administer true justice. I’d have made Roselius serve 90 days mucking out mountain lion pens at the zoo and banned him from ever hunting again in New Mexico.

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May 012014

I hesitate to waste a second on Donald Sterling, who is really just another old white racist who got some notoriety for that. For the moment, he steals the spotlight from the public-lands thief in Nevada who is a hero to the shameless radical right. I like to imagine there is a dwindling supply of ignorant bigots, but I’m a foolish optimist.

Sterling’s punishment is akin to taking a ball from a child who owns an entire chain of ball manufacturers and ball stores — futile and short-lived. He’ll buy another ball in an instant.

Those who see this as justice or simply a tale of how quickly one can fall from grace might do well to realize he’s not gouging out his eyes, committing seppuku, taking the black, or in line at a soup kitchen. He won’t spend a second in an actual pillory or shunned in any way he cares about. He’s not even remotely contrite or comprehending of the fuss and he is certain we have no right to judge him.

What is most on my mind is how two minutes of him being himself matter more to everyone than an entire lifetime of being himself. This guy didn’t misspeak or put his foot in his mouth or slip up. Sterling knows in his heart that old rich white men are better in every sense than anyone else. Not in the benign way that you think you’re a better driver or cook than someone else, but in the way that assumes anyone who is not a white male isn’t a human being.

The stench of that world view is impossible to hide, especially if you’re so rich you can command attention from anyone. How many times a day, in how many situations, has Sterling simply spoken his mind? Perhaps he has never been honest in a room full of basketball players, but I’m sure he felt he had the right to do so. After all, he owned them and gave them everything they owned.

I wonder about the enablers and yes-men who surround Sterling still. The people who didn’t leave the room when he entered or, worse, accepted his invitation to dinner or parties. The people who never said “shut the fuck up you spoiled bastard.” Would you speak your mind to this guy if he were your boss? 

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Apr 282014

Keystone is NOT about energy independence or security for the US. (Oil is NOT about the future.) Keystone makes money for Canada, China, and somebody in the US who is already sickeningly rich. This columnist has a puzzling tone for a union rep. He might as well argue that there will be jobs cleaning up the spills, pollution, and dead wildlife. KILL Keystone!

Keystone XL pipeline derailed by billion-dollar man | Albuquerque Journal News

By Terry O’Sullivan / Special To The Washington Post
PUBLISHED: Monday, April 28, 2014 at 12:05 am

Upon the latest exasperating delay of the Keystone XL pipeline project, our union – the Laborers’ International Union of North America – suggested that the Obama administration grow a set of antlers or take a lesson from Popeye and eat some spinach.

After all, the evidence points to federal approval of the pipeline. After nearly six years of delay, thousands of pages of research, five environmental impact statements confirming the evidence and millions of public comments, a pipeline that could put thousands of Americans to work and help ensure our nation’s energy security remains stalled.

The evidence is clear: It’s the politics that are tricky. And that’s where courage comes in. [mjh: barf] 

No one seriously believes that the administration’s nearly-dark-of-night announcement last week, on Good Friday, that the pipeline would again be delayed was anything but politically motivated.

For the record, our union was among those that twice supported the Obama-Biden ticket, and we continue to support many of the president’s initiatives. But that does not negate our right and obligation to speak out when, because of politics, the administration fails to stand up for working people and the men and women we represent.

It’s not the one-person, one-vote politics that underpins the administration’s actions on Keystone. Public opinion surveys have consistently found strong majority support for the project, while not a single poll has shown majority opposition. Rather, the kind of politics the administration claims to disdain has taken control.

Keystone XL pipeline derailed by billion-dollar man | Albuquerque Journal News

A majority of the US favors a lot of stupid and dangerous things, especially when they are lied to about benefits and risks. KILL Keystone!

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Apr 272014

I would laugh at the notion of Mother Earth, our nurturing Gaia, but I do not want a mouth full of sand. This wind is vile and maddening and the one thing in all the world that will never end.

Unhinged (a seasonal poem) » mjh’s blog

The man rages
arms flailing,
he sputters and fumes.
Impotent fury.
The wind blowing fiercely
whips away his whining,
rattles and flaps
his windows and doors.
Unhinged, he rants.
His sensibility scatters
in the rubble of his composure.
The wind —
this damn wind —
wins. mjh

Listen to Unhinged


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My Virtual Chapbook (table of contents)

Unhinged (a seasonal poem) » mjh’s blog

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