Jul 232013

» Speak Up! | ABQ Journal

TO BE A DEMOCRAT, you are poor by choice, jealous of the rich, always blame Bush, a cry baby, and most of all a lover of more taxes. – A.E.

» Speak Up! | ABQ Journal

To be a Republican is to reduce all complexity to a few easily repeated phrases, to turn color into black and white, to blame Obama for everything Bush started and the Republican house thwarted, to believe the rich became so without any help or obligations (and to oppose inheritance taxes so as to assure a perpetual aristocracy), to oppose science and education, and to bray that lower taxes, fewer laws, and more guns will solve all problem. peace, mjh

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Jul 042013

Freedom. Heroes. America. Tears. Rah-rah. Just shoot off your fireworks as quickly as possible. Think of the animals, including me.

In return, I’ll refrain from printing my screed that links religion and corporations in a conspiracy to use nationalism to sell you crap. You’ve already bought it.

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May 312013

Can’t stop progress. Or greed. Or mad scientists. We’re doomed.

» Rogue modified wheat found in Oregon | ABQ Journal

Field workers at an Eastern Oregon wheat farm were clearing acres for the bare off-season when they came across a patch of wheat that didn’t belong.

The workers sprayed it and sprayed it, but the wheat wouldn’t die. Their confused boss grabbed a few stalks and sent it to a university lab in early May.

A few weeks later, Oregon State wheat scientists made a startling discovery: The wheat was genetically modified, in clear violation of U.S. law, although there’s no evidence that modified wheat entered the marketplace.

They contacted federal authorities, who ran more tests and confirmed their discovery.

“It looked like regular wheat ,” said Bob Zemetra, Oregon State’s wheat breeder.

No genetically engineered wheat has been approved for U.S. farming

» Rogue modified wheat found in Oregon | ABQ Journal

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May 112013

Every time a Republican brays “Benghazi!”, say “Iraq Invasion. Afghanistan invasion. Economic collapse.” They’ll NEVER get that message, but everyone else will.

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May 062013

And I thought New Zealand is such a cool country. Imagine requiring government permission for a name? Granted, anyone who names their kid * or /.. is just asking for trouble, but let them do it. peace, mark JUSTICE hinton [a tip of the bowler to StEvE Lucifer 0^Neill+.]

New Zealand’s List of Banned Baby Names Gets Updated | By Erica Ho May 02, 2013

The name Justice was rejected the most — a whopping 62 times, CNN reports. …

Eight parents wanted to insert backslashes into their children’s first names, while four wanted to put brackets around their middle names. Not to mention that the government has already rejected Lucifer at least six times.
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New Zealand’s List of Banned Baby Names Gets Updated |

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