• Rage against the machine – again and again

    Wow. That was absolutely un-fucking unacceptable. I sat down to journal 45 goddamn minutes ago and NOW I’m just able to start. Scream of rage at Microsoft, at Windows 10, at Dell. RAGE. Deep breath. The day had started fine. […]

  • To Hell with Kim Davis

    I think jail is a last resort as punishment for non-violent crimes. In Davis’ case, I would have sentenced her to hours of community service equal to the hours she worked but refused to issue licenses to same-sex couples. Each […]

  • We remember the Holocaust without waving Nazi flags

    The society that culminated in the Confederate States of Amerika was founded on white people enslaving black people. Over hundreds of years a system grew entrenched around the fundamental right of one person to own another, lesser person. When the […]

  • Ban traps everywhere

    What kind of person supports trapping? How can Congress consider EXPANDING this barbaric act instead of outlawing it? Bill seeks to make trapping a legal hunt | Albuquerque Journal News By Nicole Paquette, Vice President Of Wildlife Protection / Humane […]

  • The Game Commission must go – fire every one of them

    This is the second time in a week that the Albuquerque Journal has opposed Game Commission actions. (Previously, it was the approval of mountain lion traps that any decent human being would oppose.) This is the same Game Commission whose […]

  • This asshat makes $174,000 (public money)

    If this braying ass can’t afford filet mignon, there are 1000 lobbyists ready to send him a case. What a tool! The rush to humiliate the poor – The Washington Post By Dana Milbank Opinion writer April 7 at 6:12 […]

  • Chaco: A World Heritage site faces fracking | Albuquerque Journal News

    The profiteers will sell anything for a buck. They only see money. They are broken people and they break everything they touch. And the rest of us let them have their way every time. Chaco: A World Heritage site faces […]