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  • Only Lovers Left Alive (5 stars).

    The movie “Only Lovers Left Alive,” written and directed by Jim Jarmusch, springs into my Top 10 of all films I’ve seen. Amazing. Rich. Delicious. Funny at times (this will be one area viewers will react differently — it might […]

  • Wadjda (2012) – 4+ stars

    We enjoyed this movie, filmed in Saudi Arabia by a female director. The lead actress is terrific. The film gently conveys how similar and how different life is between the US and SA. Wadjda (2012) – IMDb An enterprising Saudi […]

  • Looper (5 stars)

    Looper is sci fi in the tradition of Blade Runner, even sharing a dystopian future. [I also detect a bit of Witness and the Matrix.] Of course, time travel is almost always difficult to wrap one’s head around. This is […]

  • Safety Not Guaranteed (4.5 stars)

    Safety Not Guaranteed (4.5 stars)

    This movie was charming and captivating. It’s a gentle comedy with a few actors we know through TV: Jake Johnson (playing the same character as Nick from New Girl), Aubrey Plaza (a sardonic beauty from Parks and Rec), and Mark […]

  • Jeff, Who Lives at Home (4 stars)

    We watched Jeff, Who Lives at Home (Netflix streaming). This is a surprisingly effective slow and quiet film that starts out being about a slacker and his mal-adjusted family, but it becomes something much more moving. Everyone in  the small […]

  • $5 a Day (5 stars)

    $5 a Day (5 stars)

    $5 a Day (2008) – IMDb For many of us, all we need to know about a movie is that Christopher Walken is in it. But then, we’ve all seen movies that even Walken couldn’t save. But this is no […]

  • 12 Monkeys (5+ stars)

    Finished watching 12 Monkeys for the umpteenth time. What a fantastic movie — one of the best. Bruce Willis always brings some believability to a role. Here he is quite amazing. Even more amazing: Brad Pitt, who surely deserved an […]