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  • Only Lovers Left Alive (5 stars).

    The movie “Only Lovers Left Alive,” written and directed by Jim Jarmusch, springs into my Top 10 of all films I’ve seen. Amazing. Rich. Delicious. Funny at times (this will be one area viewers will react differently — it might […]

  • Wadjda (2012) – 4+ stars

    We enjoyed this movie, filmed in Saudi Arabia by a female director. The lead actress is terrific. The film gently conveys how similar and how different life is between the US and SA. Wadjda (2012) – IMDb An enterprising Saudi […]

  • StarTrek: Into Darkness (1 star)

    I streamed StarTrek Into Darkness, though it was much too long. So much potential wasted. I’m sure the NRA will be delighted to find machine guns are widely used in another 250 years. Why do StarFleet dress uniforms look like […]

  • The Croods (3 stars)

    We watched The Croods, an animation about cave people. Nicholas Cage voices the protective dad Grug, and Emma Stone gives voice to the voluptuous, bold daughter Eep. Despite a fast-paced opening, it wasn’t engaging until about a half hour in. […]

  • The Cloud Atlas (4 stars)

    When I heard about the book a couple of years ago, I read the first chapter. It was fine, but not enough to take me further. I hope it’s not a spoiler to say this 3 hour movie weaves 4 […]

  • Red: Werewolf Hunter (2 stars)

    Sadly, I can’t recommend this movie, despite Felicia Day. The music on the soundtrack was straight out of a video game. No doubt, there is one of the same title. This movie is very serious without being frightening. It’s on […]

  • Spoiling Bad

    I have a stiff middle digit for “superfan” David Layman and his cohort for spoiling the end of Breaking Bad for “ordinary” fans who have to wait until the episodes are released to us. Thanks, Dick! And thank you to […]