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  • The Uniform Time Act

    I used to resent changing clocks twice a year. I came to appreciate it as an absurdly arbitrary act that inconveniences everyone equally. And I love to see government get under the skin of Conservatives and make them do its […]

  • I was a restaurant manager years ago …

    I was a restaurant manager years ago …

    [first published 08-23-11 and stirred to the surface by the Facebook memory churn…] After college (UVa), I lived and worked in Germany for about 9 months (in einer Zimmerei in der naehe von Hamburg). When I returned, I decided I […]

  • Weaponizing Ebola

    It doesn’t take any imagination or pessimism to see the inevitable. An imam will get Ebola and his followers will kiss him and his infected clothing, then get on airplanes to the US and Europe. Surely people willing to die […]

  • My Generation

    [I stumbled across this from 3/25/07. It’s still germane.] You can tell it is fundraising time on PBS, if for no other reason than all the concert shows. These concerts frequently feature rockstars of the 50’s and 60’s. It is […]

  • Grief and puppy love

    We had to return Autumn to her foster-mom today. I can hardly finish that sentence without tears. She’s a sweet, adorable puppy who made herself the center of our household in no time. Unfortunately, I had several allergic reactions to […]

  • ‘Epic Pale Whale Fail’: Oswalt’s Contribution To ‘Moby Dick’ : NPR–you must hear this

    I laughed throughout this hilarious interview, but then, I’ve never read Moby Dick. Fantastic zingers aimed at Americans in general and bloggers, along with the main topic. My highest recommendation. ‘Epic Pale Whale Fail’: Oswalt’s Contribution To ‘Moby Dick’ September […]

  • BBC News – German dialect in Texas is one of a kind, and dying out

    This is an absolutely fascinating piece from my friend, Walking Raven (in her Cognitive Surplus guise). The video portion is well worth your time. These towns should advertise in Deutschland sofort. Germans love the American Southwest and they would be […]