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Nov 242013

I had that post for the longest time. I did it in Greymatter, a blogging system that may have preceded WordPress. Greymatter created HTML files, instead of the more modern database / PHP combination used by WordPress.

It feels like a lot longer than 11 years. On the other hand, I started coding HTML in ’93 and had many hand-coded pages up before I started blogging.

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Jun 202013

Now, each day grows shorter with the inexorable descent into darkness. One day, it switches from metaphor for what will be to one for what was, and Spring never returns. Have fun!

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Jun 142013

Maybe it’s not the monsoon, but it is in the late afternoon on a hot day. If it is the monsoon, it’s a couple of weeks early.

Laundry on the line is drenched. Front seat of my car filled with hail as I unloaded groceries.

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