• A Month of Somedays – a virtual chapbook for 2013

    At the end of National Poetry Month, here is a list of the poems I published this month. I call this virtual chapbook “A Month of Somedays.” [catlist id=141 orderby=date order=asc numberposts=30] These poems received the most Facebook Likes are: […]

  • Otre vez

    Miguel Seco walked into Café Cervantes and slapped a fat coin on the mahogany bar. Staring each patron in the eye, he announced, “This gold goes to the one whose poem pleases me most.” A hush fell as we all […]

  • In the Garden

    Last night the moon was a lantern held aloft by Orion on his stately, ancient walk across the sky. In the glow to that lantern this place was the Garden. If I were Adam you would be my Lilith and […]

  • Three from 1977

    My oldest poems swing between love and loss. I’ll spare you the bulk of early efforts, but these three still appeal to me. mjh I’ve cried and I’ve laughed I’ve loved and I’ve lost and yearned for companionship, whatever the […]

  • rise

    Like a monk rising before dawn, I am unalarmed as claws clatter in the hall. He stands by the bed to call me to service. I perform my ritual, bowing my head over his bowl, murmuring my prayer: “good boy.” […]

  • cool

    High in the mountains, I wish I could absorb the cold clear air, soak up some snowmelt, capture the rush of the wind and the sudden quiet in the pause. I wish I could take all of this in and […]

  • gravity

    It’s strange to rise from sleep and feel that heaviness as if returning to earth after weeks in space or is sleep a graver world pulling us down as we struggle back toward light. 06-24-1995 [same time as MERRI!]