Photos by mark justice hinton.

Jan 132015

My Mom didn’t like having her picture taken and she lived long before the digital age (though she did advise me to get into computers, which I rejected as soulless). I’ve uploaded 27 scans of Mom, at least a few of which haven’t been seen in many years.

Ernestine Hinton, my M

Photos of Ernestine Hinton

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Oct 072014

This is the oldest photo I could find of John Stewart and me, along with Dave Stilwell (who is my second-oldest friend) poolside at Pine Street in Alexandria, Virginia. This was taken nearly 40 years ago, more than likely by my Mother, Ernestine Justice Hinton.

Dave Stilwell, John Stewart, mjh poolside at Pine Street (photo probably by Ernestine Justice Hinton)

More photos of John Stewart and friends

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Sep 032014

Ojito Wilderness NM

My hobby is ‘bagging’ wildernesses, that is, having photos taken of me with wilderness signs. A few are self-portraits, like the one above. Most have been taken by my spirit guide, Merri Rudd. We’ve visited all of the wildernesses in New Mexico, and more than a few in the Four Corners and along the Rockies. I’ve finally gathered some of the photos that identify those wildernesses. More to come, I hope.

The Wilderness of My Soul is a post from Ah, Wilderness! . Let me know what you think. peace, mjh

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